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Australian Shepherd Dog Portrait with Graphite – Real Time Drawing Tutorial Series

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This post contains download links to course material for my 3 part real-time drawing tutorial series of an Australian Shepherd Dog Portrait with Graphite on Youtube. The downloadable files for…

How to Draw Anything Easily – 3 Step Process

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In this tutorial, I expand upon the easy 3 step process that I showed you in my How to Draw Realistic Hair tutorial. Only this time, I show you some…

How to Prepare Reference Images for Drawing (Tutorial)

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In this tutorial, I show you my process of preparing reference images for drawing portraits.


My FREE Tools and Materials Guide for Drawing and Digital Art

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I’ve put together a list/guide for all the tools and materials I use to create and sell drawings and digital art. Enter your name and email below to instantly download…


How to Link to Specific Parts of an Embedded Vimeo Video Using Froogaloop API

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I recently needed to create links to specific parts of embedded Vimeo videos and despite the long hours of searching Google, it was definitely not an easy task. In the…

How to Draw Realistic Hair in 3 Easy Steps

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I actually published this tutorial on Youtube just over a year ago but since I have just started working on this website, I thought I would share the video here…