Hi…my name is Serkan, welcome to my website.
I am happily married, have two awesome children and I live on the Eastern coast of Australia.

In the 30+ years of my life I have created a whole range of artwork with a variety of different art forms. From drawing with a pencil…to sculpting with margarine. From graphic design…to producing music. From developing websites…to decorating cakes. This website will be home to everything I have created (everything I can scrape together from old hard drives etc.) up until this point, as well as everything I create from now on.

For the last 15 years, most of my time has been spent creating cakes at Yeners Cakes, my family cake business. On the side for about the last 6 years, I managed to run a few online businesses of my own. A drawing and art business where I made commissioned pencil drawings and other art. A business that dealt with websites and other online solutions for clients, and a couple more that aren’t really worth mentioning.

Recently, I started building a new business with my father called Yeners Way – Cake Art Tutorials. It’s where we will be making online video tutorials about the art of cake decorating.

I am always trying to learn new things and acquire new skills to further develop myself as an artist. The purpose of this website is mainly to document my artwork, my knowledge and my learning processes on my life’s journey, and in the process I hope that this website will bring some inspiration and knowledge to anyone out there looking for it.

I hope you enjoy my website and you find it useful in some way :)

Serkan Yener