My FREE Tools and Materials Guide for Drawing and Digital Art

By September 14, 2015 Blog 3 Comments

I’ve put together a list/guide for all the tools and materials I use to create and sell drawings and digital art.
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About Serkan Yener

Serkan Yener is an artist who has delved into many different forms of art. Among music production, drawing, graphic design, digital painting and sculpting, he has spent most of the last 15 years as a cake decorator. Serkan also enjoys web development and design. Recently he has put the cake decorating aside to build an online business called Yeners Way as well as pursue other artistic ventures, mainly in the realm of 3D sculpting and printing. Learn more...

  • Pradeep Xdark.1

    thnx for the tools ~

    • Serkan Yener

      Thank you, hope you find it useful.

      • Pradeep Xdark.1

        i lost the pdf file ‘-‘ am here to download it again DX sry